dear  friend in ART!

as a current See.Me member, i am  automatically eligible to take part in the Creatives Rising campaign?

I am in the running for some amazing prizes and opportunities based on how many people support my work during the campaign period (May 28th – September 9th).

Get 9 new supports and I’m eligible for $25,000 and an exhibition in New York City, OR one year rent-free in a $1,200,000 NYC apartment. (Yes, for real.)

Get 19 new supports, and i’m guaranteed to be featured in their social media channels, viewed by hundreds of thousands of people.

Get 99 new supports, and they will display my work in a massive public projection at the Creatives Rising exhibition in New York City in October.

People can support me in two ways: by promoting my work, or by donating small amounts of money on paypal.  (the london and berlin art projects, the 2015 milano art project)

The fastest way to start earning support is to reach out to my current fans, friends, and family. So I  Ask you to support my work (just go to the adress below and click on to support), i am  on my way to some amazing opportunities. Plus i might earn some money along the way, which could help fund my creative pursuits !

How to support me; just see my profile and if you like klick “support”! i need 100 supporters…..hope you are one of them

wie kannst du mich unterstützen: klick meinen profile-link und dann “support”! ich brauche 100 Supportes,  hoffe du bist einer von ihnen!

come puoi supportarmi:  clicca sul mio “profile-link” e poi su “support”. non e chiesto nient’ altro! ho bisogno almeno 100 supporters, spero che sei una/o di loro!

My Profile Link is


THANK YOU. floriamo


29.july 2013

this mail i got today!

You’ve been selected for a special exhibition.


You have been selected to be included in the exhibition “The Story of the Creative” opening Thursday July 25th.

Our curators will select three images from your portfolio to present in the show. Your work will be shown on museum quality high-definition monitors and in a large scale projection. Our team is also working on a publication to feature you and all the artists who are presented in this show.