art into the world of expo milano 2015

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every day from 10am until 23 pm, from May 1 to October 31, 2015

but we all know, the healthy environement and nature of our common one planet earth only makes it possible, not the world player multis which want to maximize their profits and control the world with political lobbing every year more.

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bronce cast

so this time, as a long time international culturally worker we want to share our project with the global public which is attended to come to milano in this short period of summer 2015. even when we have only a tiny possibility to be seen, we do not hesitate to give our best to reach the goal of a prosperous future an to give some inputs and ideas through the ideas and practical work we did all the past years. we are some tiny global sandcorns on the beach of the future, when the ice builted back from the last glaciers in the european rooftop, we will move your brain under the walking feets along that way.

this link just has some good ideas what comes to happen in the metropole of design, architecture, art and  haute couture.

Torino, Milano, Venezia

in Torino during the world winter olympic games in 2006 we made a group exhibition to gather experiences on a international art platform to have our work shown, and we got new connections to the art business world.

the milano world expo is the new platform, we want to use also for the purpose of the outcoming with all the work from the past 10 years.

Venice hosts the  56. biennale di Venezia.  This International Art Exhibition will run from 9th May to 22nd November 2015. The exhibition takes place at the Giardini, the Arsenale and in various locations across the city of Venice.

also there is the film festival of venice  Venice Film Festival 2015Wednesday 26 August to Saturday 05 September 2015, Palazzo del Cinema, Venice, Italy

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