are you a sponsor for the next art-sculpture event

sponsoring does not mean only money!

detail of granit sculpture, 1,50 x1.0 m/ available

no it means giving help in infrastructure, to use materials and logistics from your side, giving a possibility for hosting, but also to be a part of the masterplan, written down list of resolving technical and materialistic problems until the printings or PR action plans participation. for all the events, to make it serious it will be necessary to have a masterplan and a budget written down, so you as a potentional sponsor (as single person or as a company) have the possibility to to be linked to one or another event.

there are several proposals for the next events:

a) 1st art and sculpture symposium in mamallapuran, southern india in jan. 2011

b) artsculpture exhibition in the gallery WirSindBabel in stuttgart, germany in june 2011

c) collective ArtSculpture event in 2015 @worldexpo in milano, Italy

d) artsculpture artist collective event biennale venezia italy 2015

in the nearer future there will be founded a foundation (or association) to work in this direction and also to have a fund for the sponsors who will participate in one or the other event. it would be nice to collaborate and network with you. on one side with other artists and on the other with you, collectors and art lovers. it is not meant that we make the art for the money, no we do it out of the inner pression and for the fun and well-being of all…………………as mentioned in an other artist network….we live for it!

money makes the world........

guess i will have a workshop for the next 15 years near genova (not so far from carrara) in the ligurien alps in italy. it is a big hall in the country.

probably i will share this for having art sessions…………..there is a road directly to the place for transporting stones and other material. and it is about 30 km from the beaches of ligure on the mediterranean sea

fortsetzung folgt

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