Floryamos monte verita/ ASCONA, Switzerland…. exhibition from 60 to….68th…

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an…….ART …….sculpture…..exhibition


mulino al Brumo/ Arcegno-Ronco/ monte verita/Ascona/ switzerland

cas. postale 602, CH-6602 Muralto/ switzerland

mail@swissart.de tel. +41 76 7201919

floriamo urs +39 3338632555/ +41 78 6705556

the invitation

a big part in my life i give my engagement for other people, now i had to make a change of that, so it became possible enjoying to work in public in to the society for the surviving and life of my elders part in life. freedom has been an important aspect for all of my doings, the most of it i have found when it was possible for me to stay in and live in the mountains.

for the future exhibitions, where it starts with this cycle now; 60 years to 68

(its a tiny sentimental feeling to paris and milan, zürich and london where i have been in this years!), i have to lay down this privilege to find the possibility like most people, to collaborate, cooperate and find new possibilities of expression with my personal work, to take influence to todays ideas or global changes. for shure it will be possible only to a certain level because of my own personal boundrys and limitations.

in alabaster

………….this is another sign, that freelance sculptor and artist FloryAmò will be serious, regarding Art and exhibitions. he is not represented yet from some galleries (exept online in the saatchi gallery london). he represent his work himself like the many artistic activities during his life as musician, writer, editor and others, similar things he has done

we would suggest and invite you, to visit this event which finds a highlight with the finissage at the last day monday of „pentecoste“, and even to give your critical comments written, in photos or videomedia.

constructive critics are the salt for the artist to make him taste the soup good or turns him to go to other sites if it becomes too salty.

FloryAmò until today is not listed in any art hitlist. his upcoming is to new to have become famous with these few international exhibitions in europe, to have make him a name, but it is possible that this could change in the near future! If you know his curriculum/ bio a bit more(read in internet: www.urart.eu.tt

, probably you will understand more closely about this stone sculptor „carriere“ which is just at the rising of an extraordinary culturally activ person.

Personal Note; for the next 3 years, Floryamo will work in Berlin/ Germany and be present and activ with his works in cultural and exhibitional aereas, and expand his activities to Paris, London and New York. His continous wish is to accept as much as possible requests on the way with art- and exhibitionwork, to participate further in international sculptor symposiums, or even to offer his art in auctions.

Collectors, Artlovers, Sponsors

Sponsoring is much more than just money

we ask you to have a critical look at these artworks, and on request to get in contact directly with the artist or his rappresentants. only after personal communication arrangements we would make a written contract. Connections and new friendships needs a personal contact. after that for the art projects in Venice and Milano expo 2015 we are looking for sponsors.

discretion shurely is „EHRENSACHE“ !


Gallery owners are asked to consider the work of Floryamò to whether they wish to undertake appropriate to borrow works on commission for her gallery, or for their own exhibitions. of course, can be addressed only to serious offers which are then countersigned by an oral agreement with written contracts afterwards.

Media, Press, TV,..

all contacts with florymo are very limited, thats why you are pleased to direct questions and send them written by email or SMS. different when it concerns the work of the artist, there is even a great wish that you could push on public discussions! regarding to film-, video-, documentary- or interview- recordings, it is necessary to send a timetable, schedule or request (also by email).

Catalogs: the catalog Floryamo’s works, which was scheduled for mid-2010 cards (50 quality pages, hardcover, 5 color, 1000 pcs / 1500 .- is FRS. Approx.) and in preparation has not been printed because of the lack of resources . The printing company in Bangalore, India has made, however, the first proofs that you can obtain for free at the exhibition. Moreover, by this delay, the possibility exists to mention sponsors and especially with Signet/Logo on.

CD-R Catalog

the CD was produced as a multimedia show of 2009 for the exhibition during the ArtBasel. It contains folders with the themes sculptures, graphics, designs, advertisements, sketches, models and Bio. in the exhibition can be obtained or ordered against a small fee. If you (even anonymously) you want to make a financial contribution ( for the exhibition expences) , you can make it as a donation at the exhibition or send it by banc account to: earth foundation assoc . / Banca Raiffeisen, CH-6702 Claro (Switzerland) Account number: 321 0000 1096 5 001 80321 / post check of the bank account No. 65-6529-4

vernissage: thursday, 13 th may 2010, 5 p.m.

finissage: tuseday, 25th may 2010, 3 p.m.

informations: http://www.swissart.de


preannouncement: first international art and sculpture symposium in Mamallapram (the sculpture historic site in india) tamil nadu: january 2011

Artist List

1st International Art & Sculpture Symposium in Mamallapuram


contacts for all follwing matters:

  1. V. Murugan, art studio, Mamallapuram     tel. 98402 70083

S. Kumar, Shanmuga Art Gallery, Mamallapuram tel. 8015136578

first founding  commitee:

Kumar / Artist, ,  Mamallapuram,shanmugaarts@hotmail.com,

Nigel Gray, sculptor/ France,

Urs Floryamo, sculptor, Italy, mail@swissart.de

Mark stonestreet, sculptor, Brighton England mark@mdarts.co.uk,

D.V.Murugan, sculptor, art studio,Mamallapuram, dvmurugan@yahoo.com,

Luz Mattu, sculptor, Germany,  steinlutz@web.de,

Varadha Raij, sculptor, Mamallapuram, creativsculptors@yahoo.com,

R. Somasundaram/ Parvathi metal sculptures, Mamallapuram

Demian Wuest, sculptor, Switzerland , laswell69@yahoo.fr,

Barbara Neuhaeuser, sculptor, Germany, b.neuhaeuser@web.de

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